These celebs are just normal people doing normal things, and they can totally hang

By Lydia Price
Updated February 22, 2016 06:00 PM
Kendall Jenner

When they aren’t jetting around the world on their private planes or wearing $1,000-plus worth of threads on date night, some celebrities are just as chill as … well, us.

Below, 10 stars who are clearly down with our mere-mortal lifestyles.

Kanye and North West’s boredom-induced sleep is the correct response to high-end baby store shopping.

Sure, she’s a duchess, but Princess Kate still plays it casual in her leggings from time to time. She’d blend in seamlessly with our squad.

We can’t relate to much about Kendall Jenner’s life, but we can relate to stuffing pizza in our face mid-work shift.

Oh, and we’re totally feeling Jenner’s post-party burger situation.

Kate Hudson knows her lawn ain’t gonna mow itself, because adulting is hard.

Chrissy Teigen has long been an advocate of our crusade to prove brightly colored cereal is acceptable dinner cuisine.

We won’t be friends with people who can’t appreciate a generous helping of fast food fries. Obviously, Selena Gomez has a special place in our hearts.

Just like Amy Schumer, we choose to spend our evenings in sweatpants, chilling with our dogs in front of the TV.

Thank you, Justin Timberlake, for observing our sacred late-night taco ritual. You can hang.

Our ideal best friend for many reasons, Rihanna is a true role model when it comes to relaxation style.

Liam Hemsworth: proof that even obscenely well-paid celebs can love free crap just as much as we do.