May 14, 2018 03:50 PM

Mother’s Day is usually a joyous occasion that sees everyone and their own mom (literally) posting tributes to each other, sharing throwback snaps and aww-worthy photos from the sweetest moments in their lives. While the odes are undeniably adorable, it’s also important to remember those who have lost their beloved matriarchs, making the holiday a bittersweet day for them.

See those moments ahead, shared by celebs like Mindy Kaling, Sophia Bush and more.

Jennifer Hudson

The American Idol alum remembered her mom Darnell Donnerson, who passed away in 2008.

Sophia Bush

The actress and activist took to her Instagram to share her support for those who feel alone on the annual holiday. “So… To anyone who this day is hard for… To those struggling to become mothers, those mothers who have lost children, those who’ve lost mothers, I see you,” she wrote. “To those with strained relationships with their mothers, or those with strained relationships with their children, I see you.”

Mindy Kaling

Reflecting on her own journey to becoming a first-time mother, the comedian took a moment to dedicate an Instagram post to those who have lost their own moms — just like she did. “Happy Mother’s Day to those of us who miss our moms,” Kaling wrote on Instagram. “I have a kid now who is the joy of my life, but each year that goes by there’s even more I want to tell my mom about!”

Billie Lourd

Lourd kept things positive on Sunday, which served as the second Mother’s Day without her mom, Carrie Fisher.

Busy Philipps

Despite having somewhat of a strained relationship with her mom growing up, the Dawson’s Creek alum shared a bittersweet post about asking her mom to forgive her “for all my horribleness.”

“Our relationship hasn’t always been easy on either one of us,” she began,”but after I had Birdie I called her sobbing that I was so sorry, that I just didn’t understand how much she loved me, and how hard it must have been for her, and that I hoped she forgave me for all my horribleness.”


“You suffered a lot and were not encouraged to follow your dreams or express yourself freely!” the icon wrote on Instagram, penning a letter to her late mom. “I hope I have been able to carry the Torch for you and that somewhere you are smiling and proud.”

Cheryl Strayed

“My mom will forever be my favorite cowgirl,” the writer wrote, captioning a photo of her mom, adding the hashtag: “#alwayswithme”

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