From Diddy's tantric sex to Kirstie Alley's pet name for her privates, some stars share too much

By Nicholas White
Updated May 30, 2009 11:15 AM
Matt Sayles/AP

Twitter etiquette comes easier to some celebrities than others.

Earlier this week, Al Roker made headlines when he posted pictures on his Twitter page taken with his cellphone while he was doing jury duty at Manhattan Supreme Court. Fail! The Today show weatherman ended up apologizing to court officials for breaking the rules.

And he’s not the first star to raise eyebrows over a tweet. Let us recount our favorite examples of celebrity TMI (too much information) on Twitter.

Kinda Cute
Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13): The car just arrived to take us to the airport. Taped to the seat in front of me is a sign: “Taylor, don’t forget your retainer. Dad”..Nice.
• Omarosa from The Apprentice (@omarosa): correction: the dog is walking me* I can barely keeps up * i hope he poops soon or I am going to be late

What’s the Word … Uninhibited?
• Lisa Rinna (@lisarinna): now that the hubby is tweeting 24/7 as i am will we need to start having twittersex? is there such a thing?
• Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley): Although no one has asked I like this new name for a vagina..A POLLY WOG..yes I tried that term out today and got good feed back..YOU?
Diddy (@iamdiddy): Having tantric sex!!!! I feel so much better.!!! Thank you

More Than We Ever Wanted to Know
• Benji Madden (@benjaminmadden): just took a pee.
• Joel Madden (@joelmadden): BTW why did i wake up today with balls drawn on my face? @nicolerichie
• Kelly Osbourne (@misskellyo): Note to self never eat never eat beats they make you fart!!!!!!!!!!! Why wont it stop I’m so embarrassed!!!