Justin Bieber becomes a dad in 2016?! Find out more!

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As 2015 winds down, we can’t help but daydream about the coming year – will it be one to remember? In the case of Adele, Zayn and Chris Pratt, it certainly will be.

Don’t believe us? For a detailed forecast, PEOPLE enlisted the help of three psychics to discuss what’s in the stars for celebs like Kim, Kanye and Prince Harry in 2016. Hmm … do you agree with any of their predictions?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

AstroTwins: Kanye will be the one breaking the Internet first this year with a breakthrough album. Kim will have a tougher time recovering from pregnancy, and health issues could keep her from getting back to her post-baby workouts. She will need more rest than planned, possibly due to postpartum issues. As a fiery Sagittarius, Saint could be the hardest Kardashian to keep up with! Kanye could step into a bigger “daddy duty” role, perhaps taking the whole family on tour or launching a Yeezy babywear line. In the fall, Kim will make a comeback, perhaps with a new image –”future first lady”?

Thomas John: Despite rumors, I am not seeing Kim and Kanye having a third child. I know she recently mentioned something about that on her TV show, but I do not see it at all. I feel two will be it for her.

Dante: They, along with son Saint and daughter North, will enjoy family life for a while, but will have a hard time finding their own private time. Stress stemming from one of Kim’s sisters will occur in the early summer.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

AT: Kylie will have a huge money and career year. She will out-earn Kendall and develop more successful makeup kits to pair with her tutorials.

Kendall will take pains to differentiate herself from her family, perhaps getting into acting or social causes (the election, feminism) and even doing a spinoff show about her and her friends – one that feels less dramatic than KUWTK.

TJ: This is going to be a rocky year for Kendall. Strangely, I see her suffering some sort of injury. For Kylie, whatever is going on with Tyga and her, I see it ending. By the summer, I see her with somebody completely different, with a completely different look and energy. I also see Kendall moving overseas – I feel like this will be London or Paris.

Dante: They will both undergo a kind of metamorphosis by May-June.

Justin Bieber

AT: Justin will finally realize how much he messed up with Selena Gomez, and he’ll crave that true love relationship. He’ll work hard to get her back, and will either succeed or move on into another major love. He will need to carefully craft his image to keep his revived fan base. He may distance himself from his father or have a change in management, producer or record label – some kind of difficult career decision. He could even become a father.

TJ: 2016 is going to be a wonderful year for Bieber. Though I see Bieber and Selena spending time together, I do not see a complete reunion there. In fact, 2016 seems like another year of single life for Justin. However, I do see that the next woman Justin settles down with will be quite a bit older than him.

Dante: He needs to be careful in terms of his behavior. The world tour he’ll be going on will put his actions off-stage in the spotlight.

Taylor Swift

AT: After sweeping the Grammys, Taylor could step out of the spotlight. She might start her own label to give up-and coming female artists a voice.

TJ: I do not see Calvin and Taylor going the distance. As much as I want them to last, I get a strong psychic impression on that.

Dante: She’s going to try to remain quiet over the ups and down in her relationship. She may take a hiatus from Calvin around April.

Zayn Malik

AT: Ego check! Zayn could anger the wrong people by demanding too much creative control for his solo turn. His album may also get an icy snub from his 1D ex-bandmates, or he could deal with a dose of heartbreak via Gigi Hadid.

TJ: I see his relationship being hot and heavy with Gigi, but quickly fading out. By the summer, I see them breaking up, and I actually sense a lot of controversy with it – I feel like the breakup could be filled with drama and not end on good terms at all. To me, the energy with them is awkward and strange.

Dante: He’s enjoying more fame and success. Offer to be in a feature film some time late in 2016. He also may rekindle with an ex of his.

Prince Harry

AT: New maturity and new image! Harry comes into his own and finds his groove with lucky Jupiter in his sign. He might get serious about starting a family or putting down roots later this year. He could even try acting or modeling, or living abroad.

TJ: I feel he is going to end up with an entirely new woman. I do see him settling down. In fact, I sense that by the fall of 2016, he will be in a relationship with this woman, and then make the engagement announcement in the summer of 2017. However, Harry is a typical Virgo man – always fickle in love – and I sense that he may have several relationships throughout his life, and perhaps a divorce.

Dante: He’ll continue to focus on his philanthropic efforts. He feels pressure to settle down but finds causes/excuses to keep playing the field.

Chris Pratt

AT: Cheating rumors may continue to plague him, and he could have a brief confused period adjusting to his new “hunk” status. Balancing work and family could be tricky. Another baby is possible.

TJ: I see Anna and Chris having a very dynamic connection. I see them being one of the new Hollywood couples, and I sense they are going to be together forever. Chris is quickly going to be rising in fame in Hollywood, with a couple of award-winning movie roles in 2016 and 2017. Despite all the rumors, I see Chris and Anna adding to their family. This is definitely a couple that will grow old together and be happily ever after. Also, Chris is going to start directing more.

Dante: Looks like another baby on the way! He’ll also possibly invest into a new business. And yes, he will stay happily married.


AT: Eclipses in Pisces could make her upcoming album a smash success, but also push any troubles to the surface.

TJ: Her relationship with T is doomed – I see no connection there, and once they start touring a bit together, I see the relationship ending. Professionally, I see Rihanna soaring next year – album sales and ticket sales will be personal records.

Dante: She’s partying for a cause and perhaps joining up with another celeb to help the world. Maybe a benefit concert. Also, she’ll have real estate stuff to handle and will buy/sell a home or two in the next year.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

AT: The magic may start to fizzle once the two aren’t working on The Voice together, but it can be a sexy rebound that brings Gwen’s groove back. There could be an engagement that gets scrapped once the reality of being a stepdad hits Blake. Will he be able to overcome the Gemini Peter Pan streak? She’ll have a huge comeback album in the fall or early 2017.

TJ: As much as they seem happy, I see this as a short-term relationship, and I do not see it lasting. I feel that Blake Shelton really wants to play the field, explore different relationships, and I don’t see this as a permanent relationship. If anything, I see them being great friends. I also see their careers taking them in different directions.

Dante: Romance and love will continue to bloom for the pair. I sense marriage coming in September 2016 as well as a pregnancy.


AT: Like Taylor Swift, she’ll also sweep the Grammys and have sold-out tours. She could become the face of a luxury brand and even a glamorous, inclusive new beauty standard. A famous photographer could shoot an insider documentary about her. Another baby could be on the way. Her relationship could be tested and go through a bumpy patch or a possible split.

TJ: I see her tour being a major success. Up next for Adele, I see movie roles. I see her being cast in at least two movies in 2016 and 2017. Also, I feel that Simon is the one, and in late 2016, I see the couple announcing and finalizing wedding plans! No more children for Adele though – I only see her having one child.

Dante: She’s staying at the top in 2016! She will release another successful album in 2017. She enjoys performing and will have a full schedule all year. She may have to watch her health however. I can see her getting run-down by July.