Celebrity Pastor Judah Smith Says Praying with His Wife is 'Sexy': 'It's a Bonding Moment'

Smith and his wife Chelsea's new book I Will Follow Jesus is available now

Photo: Nathan Groff

Many of Hollywood’s biggest stars have often credited Judah Smith with helping them remain grounded in a tough industry, and with his new book, the pastor is hoping to reach even more young people.

The pastor – whom Justin Bieber often speaks of – collaborated with his wife Chelsea on their latest storybook I Will Follow Jesus (available here).

“It’s the first time my wife and I have put pen to paper together,” he told PEOPLE at the book’s launch party hosted by Maria Shriver as part of her “Architects of Change” series. “For me, personally, as a dad, it’s the most important project I’ve ever done.”

“One of the things I’m most proud of is the depiction of diversity,” said Smith. “Jesus was from the Middle East, for crying out loud. I feel like it’s accurate and really compelling artwork.”

Married for 16 years (the couple have three young children together), the pair revealed to Shriver how they continue to bond through prayer in their relationship.

“I think it’s sexy . . .because what is intimacy?” said Smith on stage. “Intimacy is not just sex. It’s vulnerability. It’s going, ‘Okay, you get to see inside of me.’ And prayer . . . It’s a bonding moment. It’s very intimate to me and I love it because I like being intimate with her.”

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