A Beautiful Bond: Three Celeb Mother-Daughter Pairs with Extra-Special Relationships

These mother-daughter duos look back on the relationships they treasure

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Chrissy Teigen & Vilailuck Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and her mother Pepper
Courtesy Chrissy Teigen

Even as a teen in Snohomish, Washington, Chrissy, 34, says she was still "tied at the hip" to her mom, Vilailuck, aka Pepper Thai. "We truly held hands in the mall until I was 17." Now they star together in Quibi's new show Chrissy's Court, and Pepper, 58, lives with Chrissy, her husband, John Legend, 41, and their kids Luna, 4, and Miles, almost 2. "Chrissy is strong, but she can be soft and gentle," says Pepper. "I'm grateful for how she turned out to be."

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chrissy teigen and her mother
Courtesy Chrissy Teigen

"She's having the time of her life now, and it's fun to watch," says Teigen (ca. 1995 at Disneyland) of Pepper.

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chrissy teigen and her family
Courtesy Chrissy Teigen

"We cook and love to watch Korean horror movies together," says Chrissy (in 2019 on a trip to Thailand with her kids) of living with her mom. "And John gets her Thai food twice a day!"

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chrissy teigen and miles
Courtesy Chrissy Teigen

"They're really lucky to have Mom with us," says Chrissy (with Miles in 2019) of her children. And "she gets to enjoy her life and her grandkids."

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Laura Dern & Diane Ladd


"She filled my childhood with invention, play and passion," says the Marriage Story star of her mother, actress Diane, 80. Laura, 53, whose dad is actor Bruce Dern, "was the opposite of selfish," says Diane. "And she was an express train! She was fun and witty." Quality time these days includes "being creative together and celebrating art," Laura adds. "We can truly talk about anything now."

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laura dern and diane ladd
Courtesy Laura Dern

Growing up in L.A., Laura was "wise beyond her years," says Diane (in 1970). "When she asked a question, she expected an in-depth answer."

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laura dern and diane ladd
Courtesy Laura Dern

"My mom has always been luminescent," says Laura (with her on the set of 1991's Rambling Rose). "From her gorgeous skin and her sparkling eyes to her beautiful, keen interest in learning."

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laura dern and diane ladd
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"I am most grateful for the fact that Laura chose me to be her mother in this lifetime," says Diane (at this year's Oscars).

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Camila Cabello & Sinuhe Estrabao

Hope, beneficiary, Camila Cabello and her mother Sinuhe Estrabao
Noam Galai/Getty

Singer Camila and her mom emigrated to the U.S. from Cuba when Camila was 6. "I can't imagine how hard and confusing those times must have been for her," Camila says. Sinuhe worked at Marshalls department store by day, took English classes at night "and still helped me with my homework," says Camila, 23. Adds her mom, 51: "Keeping the smile on her face is what kept me going."

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caila cabello and.mother
Courtesy Camilla Cabello

"I told her that everything we were doing was so we could go on a trip to Disney World," says Sinuhe (with Camila in 2003) of their first years in the U.S.

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camilla cabello and mother
Courtesy Camila Cabello

"She owns her vulnerabilities," says Camila of her mom (in 2003). "She is my role model for the kind of woman I want to become."

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Camilla CAbello and Mother
Courtesy Camila Cabello

"I can be honest with her about everything," says Camila (in 2018). "I'm grateful I have someone I can talk to when [life] gets hard."

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