By Maria Yagoda
December 06, 2015 03:20 PM
Zooey Deschanel/Instagram

With Hanukkah swiftly approaching – it begins the evening of Sunday, Dec. 6 – it’s imperative to start preparing for your holiday festivities, which will also help distract you from your debilitating latke cravings.

While we’re sure you have the menorah, candles and matches covered, these celebrities can help you with all the cheer and festivities. Here are the best tips we’ve gleaned from Jewish stars’ social media:

Play boozy dreidel with your squad.

The only thing better than playing a wholesome game with your friends is arbitrarily adding alcohol to it.

Make sure your dreidel is polished.

No, that is not a euphemism.

Pay close attention to the fire.

Deschanel, as adorable as ever, models exactly what not to do when you’re lighting the candles: look away. A cute photo is not worth losing a finger. Fire is dangerous!

Another lesson Deschanel teaches us? Red looks *fire emoji* for Hanukkah, too – not just Christmas.

Remember the true reason for the season: latkes.

The question, “Why don’t we eat latkes every day, year ’round?” is the single greatest mystery of our time.

Take selfies to show off your holiday party looks.

Point out the tragic disparity between number of Hanukkah movies (0?) and Christmas movies (>7 billion).

Wish everyone a HAPPY HANUKKAH. (All caps intended.)

And last, but not least: sing

Celebrate with Adam Sandler’s shiny new version of the Chanukah Song, the holiday classic.

Got it? Good. Now go buy some applesauce and start peeling potatoes.