"At Christmastime we light real candles in the tree," Grey's Anatomy star Kim Raver said of her favorite holiday tradition

By Claudia Harmata
October 24, 2019 05:16 PM

It’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit, and these celebrities can attest to that! People Now’s Jeremy Parsons and Andrea Boehlke have been getting the inside scoop from our celebrity guests about how they love to spend the holiday season — including favorite family traditions, go-to holiday treats and even some helpful travel tips for people flying to visit loved ones (spoiler alert, most advise against it). Check out the video to hear more about Kim Raver‘s top tip for keeping your Christmas tree hydrated, what Melissa Joan Hart‘s favorite holiday movies are and more! (And if you’re feeling festive, note that Lifetime will be offering ’round-the-clock Christmas programming starting October 25.)