Following the lead of the youths, these celebs are killing the TikTok game

This is not a drill: TikTok is taking over Hollywood!

The app that is largely a platform for the youths to create viral dances (users put Kesha’s “Cannibal” back on the charts a decade later) and lip-sync to create funny original content and memes, is now being used by some of your favorite celebrities.

We know, we know. You may think that you’re getting every ounce of information you need about your favorite celebrity’s life from their Instagram and Twitter feeds, but we’re here to inform you that you definitely are not. You’re missing out on couples challenges, hilarious videos and viral dances if you’re not following these A-listers on the app that’s taken over our lives.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie jenner
Credit: Kylie jenner/ tik tok

Handle: @kyliejenner

Why you should follow her: For funny videos from the famous family and cute clips of Stormi, of course!

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez

Handle: @JLo & @AROD13

Why you should follow them: The world’s biggest power couple knows what the people want, and the people want popular TikTok challenges that involve A-Rod ending up wearing J. Lo‘s dress.

Reese Witherspoon

Why you should follow her: Adorable videos featuring her snuggly puppy, Lou, and tutorials from her teen son, Deacon.

Mariah Carey

Handle: @MariahCarey

Why you should follow her: Of course Carey flexes her vocal skills on TikTok, but she also features adorable cameos of her kids, Moroccan and Monroe.

Selena Gomez

Handle: @SelenaGomez

Why you should follow her: Dance challenges featuring Gomez’s sweet puppy, Winnie.

Jessica Alba

Handle: @JessicaAlba

Why you should follow her: Alba has been posting to the social platform quite a bit since joining, sharing everything from videos with her family to recipes to outfit ideas.

Will Smith

Handle: @WillSmith

Why you should follow him: We all know that Will Smith is a content machine. The actor loves creating comedic videos for the app and even includes a famous pal every now and then!

Justin Bieber

Handle: @JustinBieber

Why you should follow him: Can you belieb that the Biebs is on TikTok? He’s worth the follow, if only to watch him shave off his mustache.

Terry Crews

Handle: @TerryCrews

Why you should follow him: The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star’s short videos heavily feature his pecks. That’s all we really have to say on that.

Kevin Hart

Handle: @imKevinHart

Why you should follow him: As you’d imagine, the comedian’s TikTok is pretty hilarious, even if his kids don’t necessarily agree.

Meghan Trainor

Why you should follow her: Trainor shares everything from sweet videos with her husband, Daryl Sabara, collaborations with none other than JoJo Siwa and hilarious videos of her post-wisdom teeth surgery.

Sterling K. Brown

Why you should follow him: He’s really into forcing the cast of This Is Us to partake in viral dance challenges.

John Stamos

Handle: @JohnStamos

Why you should follow him: He’s brand new to TikTok, but already, he’s making quality content with YouTuber David Dobrik.

The Jonas Brothers

Why you should follow them: They’ve already proven that they are expert TikTokers by lip-syncing as their own Camp Rock characters. You can follow Nick, Joe and Kevin individually on TikTok, too.

Miley Cyrus

Handle: @MileyCyrus

Why you should follow her: She and her boyfriend, Cody Simpson, create some very cute content together.


Handle: @Lizzo

Why you should follow her: The Internet’s favorite person, Lizzo, has fully integrated herself into the world of TikTok, using the app’s viral sounds with ease and creating ultra-relatable content.

Britney Spears

Why you should follow her: Spears’ workout routines are what TikTok dreams are made of. Sure, she also shares them on Instagram, but there’s something special about seeing Brit on your #ForYouPage.

Post Malone

Handle: @PostMalone

Why you should follow him: To get the best view of his many, many tattoos.

Ashley Tisdale

Why you should follow her: Tisdale is trying her hardest to nail every single TikTok dance challenge, sometimes with hilarious results.

Shay Mitchell

Handle: @ShayMitchell

Why you should follow her: This video of the You star trying her best and this video of her baby girl, Atlas, showing us all how it’s really done.

Derek Hough

Handle: @DerekHough

Why You Should Follow Him: If you need a reminder that the former Dancing with the Stars pro has the moves, Hough won’t let you forget.