By Melissa Locker
Updated December 02, 2020 12:13 AM
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As the year winds down, we’re checking back on how some of our favorite celebrities fared on their 2013 resolutions.

Surprisingly, most of the stars managed to keep their promises. For example, Adam Levine, who Tweeted his resolution for 2013:

Yep, his 2013 New Year’s resolution was to “be more awesome.” Did he somehow know that he would be named PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive?

Jennifer Lawrence shared her 2013 goals with Marie Claire South Africa: “My New Year’s resolution is to stand up for myself. It’s hard for me. Nobody wants to be disliked. You always want to be polite and be nice.” Ms. Lawrence can check that one off her list, as her recent “polite” and “nice” story about sex toys on Conan proves.

Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shared her resolutions in a video she posted to her website at the end of 2012. “I want to make money, I want to be a better person and I feel like I try to accomplish that but this year it’s a must. While we can t comment on her finances, Snooki did take a spin on the dance floor as part of this year s Dancing with the Stars, which certainly counts as accomplishing something.

R&B singer Ne-Yo tweeted: “Went vegan for the new year mainly just to test my discipline but after reading up on animal cruelty and what not, much more meaning to it.” Unfortunately, Ne-Yo s new diet lasted only 35 days.

Ryan Seacrest, the host of ABC’s annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, wanted to work on his dancing skills in 2013. “There’s a Significant Other in my life who’s very good at it,” he said of then-longtime girlfriend Julianne Hough. “I feel the pressure to be as good as she is. It sounds like a joke, but this is a serious thing for me to accomplish next year.” Sadly, instead of learning to dance together in 2013, the couple broke up.

Neil Patrick Harris vowed to keep it simple in 2013. The How I Met Your Mother star Tweeted: “I’m looking forward to 2013. My New Year’s Resolution: under indulgence.” It’s hard to be “under indulgent” when hosting the Emmy Awards, but Harris did such a great job, we’ll overlook that this year.

And normally we would also call someone out for over-indulgence when their family has two full sets of Halloween costumes, but Harris’s family looked so adorable, we’ll let that slide, too.

Harry Potter star Emma Watson told Marie Claire U.K., “I always have the same New Year’s resolution: to speak French fluently.” She added, “I get a huge wave of nostalgia when I come into the Gare du Nord. There’s such an emphasis on culture, art and music… And I’ll do anything for a warm baguette.” Born and raised in Paris until age 5, the actress still feels a strong connection to France and wants to improve her language skills. Based on this interview, we think she can check that off her list:

Kelly Ripa told the New York Post, “I have the same resolution every year – not to sweat the small stuff. So far it hasn’t taken!” So we ll assume the same is true this year and wish her better luck in 2014.

Lindsay Lohan tweeted her 2013 resolution: “Very grateful.. May only good things come this year.” Maybe next year, Lindsay!

Tori Spelling vowed to “get healthy” and get back into her skinny jeans. “The ones that scream ‘We miss you T!’ every time I walk past them stacked and dusty in the corner of my closet,” she wrote on her blog. She can check that one off the list.

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