Idris Elba isn't the only one who's getting our hottest designation this year

By Alex Apatoff
November 07, 2018 11:29 AM

As Matthew McConaughey once said, being named the Sexiest Man Alive is like “being a president. So long as you’re ‘alive,’ you’ve got the title.” So he may want to order up one of our brand new Sexiest Man Alive tees, available now at Amazon for former Sexiest Man Alive winners, Sexiest Man Alive title seekers and pretty much anyone who feels they deserve the title. Available in white, black and gray (as well as long-sleeve for sexy people in colder climates), the tees are the perfect way to show a sexy man how you feel about him – whether it’s by buying him his own Sexiest Man Alive tee, donning your own “I’m with the Sexiest Man Alive” shirt or giving him the official designation of Sexiest Dad Alive. (Our People Now hosts Andrea Boehlke and Jeremy Parsons, above, know what’s up.)

Certainly we can picture the current Sexiest Man Alive Idris Elba rocking the black version, or former Sexiest Man Alive and certified Hot Dad Adam Levine wearing the Sexiest Dad Alive shirt under his moto jacket. But we also strongly encourage you to support your own Sexy Man with a silly “I’m With” shirt for any special occasion. Check out even more about the Sexiest Men Alive and be sure to pick up your tee now! (Thanks to Amazon Prime, you’ll be snapping #SMA2018 selfies before the weekend.)