Cathriona White's Alleged Previous Suicide Attempt Has 'Little Bearing' on Investigation: Official

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter says investigators have been unable to confirm Jim Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White attempted suicide before

Photo: Coleman-Rayner

Jim Carrey‘s on-off girlfriend Cathriona White may have attempted suicide a few years before her death on Sept. 28, but that has “little bearing” on the investigation into her suspected suicide last week, an official told PEOPLE.

“There was information initially reported at the scene [of her death] that they thought there was a prior suicide attempt, but they were unable to provide any details,” Assistant L.A. County Chief Coroner Ed Winter explained.

Winter says investigators have been unable to confirm whether White attempted suicide years before her death on Sept. 28.

“A previous suicide attempt has very little bearing on this case,” explains Winter.

“This time she might have overdosed – there were pills and [notes] found around her body, so we go from there” he says.

Winter previously told PEOPLE that four prescription medications were found at the time of her death: Ambien, Percocet, Propranolol and Zofran.

“[they] were not in her name,” he said.

A source confirmed to PEOPLE that some of the pills belonged to Carrey – but he didn’t know White had taken them.

“[Cathriona] took them from his house. He had no idea. He wasn’t actively using them and therefore had no idea they were even missing.”

Along with the pills, Winter revealed to PEOPLE that there were multiple notes found and one was addressed Carrey.

White’s body was released following the completion of an autopsy. PEOPLE has learned that White was legally married at the time of her death and that her “next of kin” was listed as her husband, Mark Burton.

According to a marriage license, the 30-year-old married Burton on Jan. 15, 2013, in a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

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