"They're healthy, happy, funny ... so I'm done," she says of her boy and girl

By Courtney Rubin
Updated August 08, 2007 08:30 AM

Catherine Zeta-Jones is enjoying life with two kids – so how about having another?

“No,” Zeta-Jones, whose offspring with husband Michael Douglas are son Dylan, 7, and daughter Carys, 4, tells the U.K.’s Tatler magazine for its September issue. “I’d love to but my life is so hectic. I’m very happy with one of each.”

Having told PEOPLE last month that the best part of motherhood was hearing her kids say “Mama!,” the Wales-born No Reservations star, 37, tells the British publication, “They’re healthy, happy, funny … so I’m done.”

Married to Douglas since 2000, the Chicago Oscar winner recalls being young and single – and experiencing a not-particularly auspicious introduction to looking after babies.

At age 17 she was living in London and appearing in a West End production of the musical 42nd Street.

“I had a room in a single mum’s house, with this baby. I’d never changed a [diaper] before and she asked me one morning if I could look after the baby and I was like, What? I’ve got rehearsals at 3, and I don’t know whether I can do it … don’t leave me alone with a child!”

Flash forward to now, and the story is very different.

“He is so cute,” Zeta-Jones says of son Dylan, who “loves to dress up as a pirate at the moment. From 7 o’clock in the morning to 7 at night. He’ll come in and I’ll think, ‘What are you wearing?’ ”

Daughter Carys is a girlie girl whose “approval” her mother seeks before leaving the house.

“On everything from my high heels to my jewelry,” Zeta-Jones explains with a laugh. “She will sit there in her tutu or a beautiful dress and critique my look, and then accessorize her own outfit, which she will wear to school.”

Carys and Dylan have seen their mother looking glamorous onscreen, such as in Zorro, but they’ve not their father’s films.

Says their mom: “They’re only 7 and 4, so I am not having them seeing their father’s films with Glenn Close and Sharon Stone just yet!”