January 16, 2003 11:54 AM

Married couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are due to appear in London’s High Court to testify against Britain’s Hello! Magazine, which they claim published unauthorized photographs of their wedding, their lawyer, Michael Tugendhat, said in a preliminary hearing Thursday.

Tugendhat says the two are expected on Jan. 27, at the time of the full hearing, Reuters reports.

Their lawsuit stems from their splashy wedding ceremony at New York’s Plaza hotel in November 2000, at which time they had signed an exclusive deal — reputedly worth $1.6 million — with OK! magazine to publish shots of the affair.

But the rival Hello! — with its own “exclusive” pictures of the wedding — hit the streets three days before OK! did.

According to court papers, Douglas, 58, and Zeta-Jones, 33, will claim in court that their private lives were violated, causing them stress and loss of income from syndication rights. They will also argue that their professional careers were damaged because the photos in Hello! were poorly reproduced.

Hello! denies the allegations and claims it was offered the pictures on the open market and therefore was entitled to publish them, says Reuters.

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