June 14, 2013 12:30 PM

Cats on heads and Mega Man fighting Pikachu? Nope, they’re not what you can find in New York’s hottest club, as decided by Saturday Night Live‘s Stefon. But they are what you could find online this past week. Check it out:

Whistleblower Edward Snowden Revealed That the NSA Is Collecting Metadata from Verizon
Some called him a hero. Others called him a traitor. Still others thought he was named Eric Snowden. But most just freaked out that their Snapchats could go public.

Foursquare Time Machine Shows Your History of Check-ins
Watch in awe as you see animation of the far-flung places you’ve traveled – or get depressed when it shows a straight line between work and home. (Time to check into the liquor store!)

People Post "Cats as Hats" – a.k.a. "Catfros"
Cat bearding is so yesterday. Step 1. Pick up your cat. Step 2. Place cat on your head. Step 3: Bleed. Step 4: Cry.

MTV Announces That the Channel Will Dedicate Itself to Music for a Whole 12 Hours.
“So that’s what the M stands for?” – Everyone born after 1990

Mega Man Joins Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Fighting Franchise
The beloved title hero from Mega Man will fight Mario, Bowser, Link, Donkey Kong and more. Spill a Capri Sun on my Hypercolor T-shirt and we have my childhood right there.

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