The actress toys with an Australian journalist as he asks flippant questions about Cinderella

By Tim Nudd
Updated March 26, 2015 08:35 AM
Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Forget Cinderella. Let’s talk about booze, sex and cats on leashes.

That was Australian journalist Jonathan Hyla’s approach to interviewing Cate Blanchett about the film this week. And she hilariously played along, faux-ridiculing the Channel Ten reporter for his apparent incompetence, and even letting an F-bomb fly when he asked a particularly dumb question about the fantasy film.

“How were you able to get that cat to do what you wanted [it] to do on a leash?” Hyla asked with a grin. “I tried to put my girlfriend’s cat on a leash, and it just never works for me.”

“That’s your question? That’s your f–ing question?” the two-time Oscar winner, 45, replied.

Many media outlets, having seen only the tail end of the interview, falsely reported that Blanchett had actually lost her cool with Hyla. But as you can see from the full interview below, she was only having fun – and lots of it.