Cate Blanchett's Hilarious Birthday Throwback! From Extra to Oscar-Winner

From extra to Oscar winner...

[BRIGHTCOVE “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” “” “” “auto” ]Cate Blanchett turns 46-years-old today!

The dazzling Oscar winner consistently wows us with her performances, that it s hard to believe she was once a mere background actor – But, it is true!

In a 2013 interview with The Film Society, Blanchett shared that she was traveling through Egypt staying at a hostel called the Oxford (and my agent worked with someone) in the Egyptian film industry, and they were looking for someone to play an American. I said, ‘Well, my father is American ‘ and they were paying five Egyptian pounds and a free falafel. I had to play a cheerleader. It was a boxing film. The falafel never came, so I left ”

No falafel = no Cate!

The 1990 Egyptian film was called, “Kaboria,” which in Arabic translates to, “Crabs” – How glamorous.

Clearly, her later film roles would prove to be much more lucrative!

The birthday girl recently shared some relationship news and earlier this year she and husband, Andrew Upton, welcomed a baby girl.

We are wishing her a very happy birthday!

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