These mothers taught their sons a lesson they'll never forget

By Alexandra Zaslow
Updated January 28, 2015 07:30 AM

You never know who the person could be at the other end of a catcall.

In this PSA sponsored by Everlast, street harassers come to realize that the women they’re catcalling are their own mothers – in disguise.

The scene takes place in Lima, Peru, where seven out of 10 women are harassed on the street, according to the video.

Everlast got ahold of the two repeat offenders’ moms, who agreed to dress in disguise and walk past their sons.

And leave it to mother: One slaps her son over the head with her bag as she screams at him. Another removes her wig and scolds her son after he calls her a pig. He was so shocked and afraid that he denied it and blamed it on another guy who was driving past.

Let this be a lesson to all street harassers: Do unto others’ moms as you’d do to your own.