Cassidy Gifford: 'I Do Not Share the Same Love of Wine' as Look-Alike Mom Kathie Lee

"It's a crime in my family," says The Gallows star

Photo: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library; Matt Baron/Beimages

Cassidy Gifford may have gotten her looks from her mom Kathie Lee, but there’s one way she definitely doesn’t take after her mom!

“I do not share the same love of wine,” admits the actress, 21, who stars in the horror film The Gallows, in theaters Friday. “I do like it! But I rarely drink that much.”

According to Cassidy, her mom is exactly the wine lover America sees every week on the fourth hour of Today when she’s not swigging Chardonnay with cohost Hoda Kotb.

“It’s a crime in my family,” says Cassidy with a laugh, referring to her mom; dad Frank, a former New York Giant; and older brother Cody. “If you come to our home, you’re kind of forced to have a glass,” says Cassidy.

Even if she doesn’t share the same affinity for wine as her mom, Cassidy says Kathie Lee has always been her main cheerleader.

When Cassidy decided she wanted to be an actress in the first grade, her mom “could not have been more supportive,” she says. “She said: ‘Okay, but you have to give it your all, or you’re not gonna give it anything.’ ”

With a breakout role under her belt nearly 15 years later, Mom couldn’t be more proud.

“Cassidy has been working so hard for so long to reach this new stage in her career and in her life,” says Kathie Lee, adding she and Frank “are thrilled for her.”

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