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October 18, 2007 04:00 PM

Carrie Underwood has recently been linked to Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford – but the 24-year-old singer says she’s not looking to settle down.

“I’m about the only person in my family that’s made it to 24 without being married. That’s the way it works where I’m from,” she tells Entertainment Weekly in its new issue. “I couldn’t imagine myself being married [now].”

But she is open to being in a committed relationship, she says in a separate interview. “As far as having a boyfriend, if it’s the right person, it’ll happen,” Underwood says in the November issue of Seventeen. “But it could be in a year; it could be whenever.”

The American Idol winner and multiplatinum country artist, who is nominated for three Country Music Awards, was recently spotted getting close with Gossip Girl‘s Crawford. Before that, she was spending time with Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback – though she says they were never actually an item.

“We’re very good friends, and I talk to him pretty much every day, whether it’s a text or whatever,” she tells Seventeen. “But we were never, like, dating. … We understand where each other is coming from. It’s just the wrong time for both of us. In a different world, we might have dated. But not in this one right now.”

The Down Side of Fame

As for her career, the Oklahoma native tells EW that fame is a double-edged sword: She’s grateful to be able to perform in front of people, but her celebrity can make everyday outings – like a simple shopping trip – awkward.

“I was in Victoria’s Secret the other day, which I went to for the first time last year,” she says. “These girls followed me the whole time, and I’m like, ‘Man, they see every single pair of underwear I’m putting in my little shopping bag!’ Just say something. Say hey, I’ll say hey, it’ll be good, and then we can both continue shopping.”

While she tends to be reticent with the media, Underwood does offer EW a glimpse of her private side.

“I’m funny but I’m not, like, too funny,” she says. “I’d rather go bowling than go to a club. A lot of people think I don’t like them just because I’m pretty quiet. But there are certain things people don’t necessarily need to know. There’s got to be some things for me.”

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