By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated January 03, 2002 01:00 PM

When last we left Aidan Shaw and Carrie Bradshaw, in last season’s finale to HBO’s “Sex and the City,” the two had become engaged. (HBO, like PEOPLE, is owned by AOL Time Warner.) Aidan’s alter ego, actor John Corbett, 40, isn’t giving any clues as to whether or not he and the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker will actually walk down the aisle. “The show’s new season — its fourth — kicks in Sunday. “You have to watch it just like my mom,” Corbett told a group of reporters. “My mom asked the same question, so don’t feel bad. I love my mom much more than you all.” Digging himself in even deeper, Corbett, who’s up for a Golden Globe for his role on the comedy, said, “I can’t say anything because it just wouldn’t be any fun, you know? It’s gonna have an outcome one way or another.” Asked how his mother reacts to the often racy series, Corbett suggested that she’s cool about it, even if he doesn’t necessarily watch it with her. “As long as I’m not naked, I don’t care who she sees naked,” he explained. “I don’t care who’s naked in anything I do as long as it’s not me. But it’s classy, so I don’t have any problem with that.”