12 Things Carrie Bradshaw Did That You Definitely Shouldn't Do

We all love Carrie, but she was a bit of an idiot

Photo: HBO/Everett

Carrie Bradshaw has inspired countless women to pack their bags (and their Manolos) and head to New York City for – as she says, labels and love.

But when it comes to real life, Carrie shouldn’t be used as much more than fashion inspiration. And as this week, we’re celebrating the 18 year anniversary of the Sex and the City series premiere, we thought it was only fitting to share just a few things that Carrie copycats should avoid doing:

1. Don’t store your clothes in your oven.
And learn how to cook because you’re an adult.

2. Don’t buy Vogue instead of dinner.
After you finish the magazine, you’ll just be hungry.


3. Don’t put a diaper on a dog.
Diapers are for babies, not dogs.

4. Don’t say yes when a guy you’re not that into proposes.
And then wear your engagement ring around your neck, because that just looks fishy.


5. Don’t hide from your computer when you get an email.
Learn how to use a computer. Just the basics, Carrie.

6. Don’t wear a belt over your bare stomach.
It’s not holding anything up, it’s not cinching anything at your waist. You just look silly.


7. Don’t stalk your boyfriend and his mother at church.
No matter how private he may be about his personal life, stalking is never the answer.

8. Don’t buy shoes instead of saving like a responsible adult.
Shoes won’t pay your rent, Carrie!


9. Don’t arrange fake business meetings with your boyfriend’s ex-wife.
Where you suggest writing a children’s book about cigarettes. That’s insane.

10. Don’t be a writer who doesn’t back up her computer.
Poof, there goes your life’s work.


11. Don’t get weird about meeting your boyfriend’s (aka Aidan’s) parents.
Especially when you yourself were upset when another boyfriend (Mr. Big) didn’t want to introduce his mother to you. Don’t dish out what you can’t take yourself!

12. Don’t try to order a Cosmopolitan at a drive through.
First, you’re driving. Second, you know they don’t serve those! Just order your milkshake and be on your way.


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