Carrey Goes to Dogs

Jim Carrey didn’t get an Oscar nomination for his turn as Andy Kaufman in “Man on the Moon” — the Academy announced its contenders early Tuesday — but fans who spotted the actor at New York’s Four Seasons Hotel reportedly cheered him on as he and girlfriend Renee Zellweger checked out yesterday. The New York Post reports that Carrey managed a subdued smile and a quiet “thanks” to the throng. Meanwhile, The New York Times says that Carrey caused a scene at a Monday night reception for his upcoming December release, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” (Carrey plays the title role.) The gathering was to introduce a toy from the movie, a stuffed dog named Max. But Carrey told attendees that Max wasn’t available, so he flung Max’s toy stand-in, Fluffo, into the crowd and declared, “Everyone mosh Fluffo!” The real Max finally made an appearance, and stood on his hind legs when his trainer held up a treat. “Oh, sure,” Carrey said. “Wave a nice piece of steak like that in front of me, and I’ll do the same thing!”

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