November 01, 2008 06:45 PM

She’s wearing an engagement ring, but Carmen Electra is in no rush to say “I do,” she said in Las Vegas Friday.

“That’s the thing this time – we’re going to avoid everyone else’s pressure and go at our own pace,” said the actress while hosting a Halloween party at Rok Vegas Friday night.

Dressed as a Vegas cigarette and cigar girl, the Disaster Movie star was joined by fiancé Rob Patterson who wore a priest outfit with devil horns.

Spending time in the self-proclaimed Wedding Capital of The World didn’t give the couple any ideas. There are “no plans and no pressure” when it comes to a wedding, said Electra who was previously married to rocker Dave Navarro and NBA star Dennis Rodman

“Right now, we’re just taking things really slow,” she added

Electra, 36, and Patterson, 37, got engaged in April.

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