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"Sometimes you've got to move on," Jepsen tells PEOPLE of the on-and-off relationship that inspired the song

February 13, 2013 04:45 PM

Heartbreak was far from the theme of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s catchy, career-launching Grammy-nominated radio hit, "Call Me Maybe" – but in her latest single, the starlet touches on romance gone wrong.

Reliving the past failed relationship that inspired “Tonight I’m Getting Over You,” Jepsen, 27, recently explained at PEOPLE’s pre-Grammy soiree at Sayers Club in Hollywood, “As an artist, it’s fun to explore [my] many sides and sort of go through my experience with love in a more personal way. I hope you haven’t experienced it, but I certainly have had that relationship that is on-again, off-again and good and bad.”

The singer – who has most recently been dating fellow musician Matthew Koma – goes on to say, “With this particular song, it was sort of that decision that even though [the relationship] is hot and cold, sometimes you’ve got to move on.”

Jepsen, who performed a soulful, acoustic version of the typically upbeat song at the party, sings in the lyrics, “We’re not lovers, but more than friends. Put a flame to every single word you ever said. No more crying to get me through. I’ll keep dancing ’til the morning with somebody new. Tonight I’m getting over you.”

Says Jepsen of the Max Martin-produced tune: “I think it’s important to have a bit of a connection to a song that you sing, and there’s going to be some grittiness behind it, because otherwise it doesn’t come across as sincere. So I do think I tap into those memories in a certain way, but it doesn’t make me feel sad. It just makes me feel a little contemplative and in the moment.”

The man behind the music has not been revealed – and Jepsen says with a laugh, “It’s probably for the best” that he doesn’t know it’s about him.

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