Carla Bruni's Mom on Sarkozy Wedding: 'It Was Very Moving'

Marisa Bruni-Tedeschi talks about her daughter and the French president

Photo: KCSPresse / Splash News Online

The mom approves. Marisa Bruni-Tedeschi is speaking out about her daughter Carla Bruni’s wedding to French President Nicolas Sarkozy over the weekend. She tells Italian national newsbroadcaster TG1: “It was a very moving ceremony, during which our thoughts went out to Carla’s father and brother who are no longer with us.”

When asked whether the Bruni and Sarkozy got married because they were expecting a child, Mrs. Bruni-Tedeschi replied: “We’ll see.”

Finally, the new mother-in-law of the French president said: “I hope that Carla will carry on with her artistic career. It really would be a shame if she were to give up her work.”

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