Bill Davila/Startraks
August 12, 2008 09:00 AM

Carl Blonsky, the father of Hairspray actress Nikki Blonsky, has been released on $3,000 bail from a Turks and Caicos jail, his attorney confirms. Blonsky, who was originally denied bail, resubmitted his bond application to an appellate court.

Blonsky is now free to leave the Turks and Caicos, confirms attorney Oliver Smith to PEOPLE. “We appealed on the grounds that Mr Blonsky has some health problems. The appeal was successful [and] last night the court released him.” Smith believes that Blonsky is currently traveling back to New York.

Blonsky, 53, is due in court on Aug.19 where he will face charges of Assault with Grievous Bodily Harm in connection with a July 29 airport brawl that police say involved him, daughter Nikki, America’s Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden, and Golden’s mother, Elaine.

“We look forward to court where my client can prove his innocence,” says Smith.

Nikki Blonsky is due in court on the Caribbean island in December and Bianca Golden’s trial is scheduled for Sept. 17.

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