There were no rainbows in sight on Tuesday evening when thousands of Mariah Carey fans waited outside a New York City record store for a CD signing — there was just rain. The New York singer, who was signing copies of her latest release, “Rainbow,” was protected from the heavy rains and strong wind but was impressed by the loyalty of her fans, many of them teens. “I always love it when they make scrapbooks,” she told PEOPLE Online. “A lot of these kids make scrapbooks and I don’t even know where the pictures are from. There’s this Beanie Baby that they have of me that I didn’t even know about until tonight. But it’s more than just what they bring up. It’s the fact that people come out and they stand in the rain.” So would the pop diva have waited in the rain to see any of her favorite artists? “Probably Michael Jackson. I would have waited for him. Or Prince . . . I was the type who went to see “Purple Rain” like five times with my friends. Definitely Prince.”