Carey Hart Still Hopes for a Future with Pink

"I would like to have wishful thinking," the singer's estranged husband tells PEOPLE

Photo: Rick Diamond/WireImage

They broke up in February but former competitive biker Carey Hart still holds hope for a future with his estranged wife, Pink.

Hart, 33, tells PEOPLE he’s not sure if his marriage to Pink, 28, is retrievable, but “I would like to have wishful thinking and say, ‘Yes.’ Only time will tell.”

Their plan?

“Maintain a friendship, and who knows what will happen when we get older,” Hart said Friday at the Flo-TV X-Games party in West Hollywood. “For the next three years, we’re both extremely busy people so it’s tough.”

In the meantime, he’s working at his new club, Wasted Space, in Las Vegas. “I allow myself one cocktail” while working, Hart says. “Everything is going good, but it’s still a lot of work!”

But Hart admits there’s not much time left to do one thing he’s really looking forward to – being a dad.

“I am [on a time clock],” Hart says. “I don’t want to do it past 35. My body is so destroyed, and I want to be a fun, young dad, not crippled and beat up. So I’d like to [have kids] by 35. I want ’em!”

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