February 22, 2016 08:00 AM

Attention, Americans! There’s a new candidate entering the 2016 presidential race, and he’s the obvious choice.’s beloved bearded mascot, Captain Obvious, is throwing his decorated hat in the ring – and he’s looking to trump the competition.

The Captain’s round-the-clock campaign strategy?

He will literally be running across every state in the country over the next several months – taking the pulse of the nation (while also tracking his own heart rate!).

Captain Obvious traveling to Seattle, Washington, during his 'run' for president

“I’ve seen the other candidates and I know I’m fit for the job. They don’t seem very fit at all!” Captain Obvious states in his treadmill campaign announcement.

“When I heard there was a race for President, I decided to run. I’ll be running all over America trying to win this race,” he adds.

Captain Obvious making his 2016 presidential campaign announcement

“Captain Obvious has our vote as he runs for president in 2016,” representative, Taylor L. Cole, tells PEOPLE. “We believe that Captain Obvious is the most fit to run, physically, and possesses the sheer fortitude to impact our nation of travelers seeking the best experience from”

To follow Captain Obvious’s quest for the presidency, check out his website and follow him on Twitter @CaptainObvious.

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