She tells PEOPLE she wouldn't sell her mansion if she thought she'd ever have a relationship with her grandchildren

Candy Spelling is starting a new chapter in her life, which includes writing a frank memoir called Stories From Candyland – and selling the $150 million, 56,000-square-foot mansion where she’s lived since 1991.

Spelling, whose book is due out March 31, plans to move from her five-acre French Chateau-style mansion into a $47 million condo with 17,000 square feet; the same footage as her current attic. But she tells PEOPLE that she’d never have put Spelling Manor on the market if she thought she’d reconcile with her estranged daughter Tori, her husband Dean, and their two children, Liam and Stella.

“I don’t see Tori and Dean anymore,” the 63-year-old grandmother tells PEOPLE. “I used to see Liam, but no longer. And I’ve never met Stella.”

Spelling, who was married to producer Aaron Spelling for 37 years before his death in 2007, says she’s not sure why Tori is angry with her. “I’ve tried to talk to her, but that doesn’t work. She may not even know why she’s angry.” When called by PEOPLE, a rep for Tori Spelling had no comment.

Despite the family’s fracturing, Spelling says: “If I had any hope that I would have a relationship with my grandchildren I would never sell this house. I’ve fantasized for years about a wonderful playhouse on the grounds for children.”

Although she spent four years planning the home before she moved in, she’s selling it now because, “It’s just me in this big house,” explains Spelling.

Still, she hasn’t lost hope entirely. She made sure there is a playroom in her new condo in case the grandkids ever do visit.

“Someday my grandchildren will know who I am because of the trust funds I’ve set up, but I would like to be part of their lives now,” says Spelling. “I would have loved to have built that playhouse for them.”