The Murphy Brown star says she's had plastic surgery in the past – but doesn't want more

Updated April 03, 2015 06:20 PM
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Candice Bergen’s comments about her weight (“I’m fat,” she writes in her new memoir, A Fine Romance) went viral last week, but size isn’t the only personal topic she’s getting candid about.

The former Murphy Brown star, 68, tells PEOPLE she has nothing against plastic surgery – she’s had cosmetic procedures in the past.

“I had my eyes done after the pilot of Murphy Brown when I was 41,” she says. “And then the next year I had these two [neck] muscles under here done, because TV half-hour lighting can be harsh.

But would she try it again? “I’m clearly in need,” she says, with a laugh, “But I frankly just don’t care enough. I don’t even get those shots anymore because it hurts so much!”

And she can’t stand when people she knows aren’t open about their nips and tucks.

“I hate when my very close friends have obvious work done and they come out too early and pretend it’s all fine. You think, ‘Hello, have you looked at yourself? You look over-inflated!’ I’m one of the few who has been honest about it.”

Not that honesty doesn’t come with a price. After the hoopla over her weight comments, she thought, “Well didn’t that come back to bite me in the ass!” she told Entertainment Weekly. Obviously I erred on the side of frankness and should have pulled back, but nobody saved me from myself.”

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