Candace Cameron Bure Says Bob Saget Will Make a Toast at Dave Coulier's Wedding

The Full House actress says former costar Bob Saget will have wedding guests laughing and crying

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Dave Coulier may have just announced his engagement, but his upcoming nuptials are already turning into a Full House.

“This has been a long time coming, so I’ll be there at the wedding,” his former costar, Candace Cameron Bure, told PEOPLE at the LadyLike Foundation‘s 6th Annual Women of Excellence Scholarship Luncheon. “We [get together] all the time, so it will just be another fun time together.”

Cameron Bure, who was introduced to her husband by Coulier, admitted she did not play matchmaker to the actor and his fiancée Melissa Bring, but she still thinks the two are meant for each other.

“They’ve been together for so long. I met Mel for the first time at a hockey game, and I’m so excited that they’re finally tying the knot,” she said.

Her excitement, however, isn’t likely to be as obvious as that of her Full House dad, Bob Saget.

“He will be making some kind of toast, and I can only imagine what will come out of his mouth,” she said with a laugh. “Dave and Bob have been best friends since they were in their early 20s … so it will be funny. I’m sure we will have the tissues out because there will be tears streaming down from crying and laughing so hard.”

Before she reunites with her onscreen family, Cameron Bure, 38, is focusing her attention a little closer to home: Daughter Natasha will be driving – and dating! – soon.

“She’s turning 16 in August, so she’ll get her license … and she’s allowed to start dating,” she said. “We just had this conversation last night because we said, ‘Well, are you going to bring anyone over soon?’ ”

Cameron Bure and her husband Valeri Bure’s rule is that their daughter must bring any boy she’s interested in dating over to the house first – a plan that is already working in their favor. “She told us that all of the boys are scared of her dad, which is what we want so that’s fantastic!” the Dancing with the Stars alumna joked.

When the day does come when Natasha is ready to bring her boyfriend over to meet the parents, Cameron Bure is confident she’ll be one of the first to know.

“I’m very close with her! I’m sure there are things that she doesn’t tell me, but there is a lot that she does tell me,” she said. “We have some pretty intimate discussions where I’m like, ‘Okay, she’s talking to me about this stuff, and I’m her mom? This is really good!’ ”


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