Cancer Survivor Reveals How Hillary Clinton Stepped in to Help Him Tackle Treatment Bills

One man's touching story about how Hillary Clinton directly impacted his life is going viral

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One man’s touching story about how then-U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton directly improved his life is going viral.

On Friday, James Grissom shared in a lengthy Facebook post that Clinton helped him deal with creditors after he struggled to pay off his medical bills from bladder cancer treatment.

His story has been shared more than 60,000 times and liked 144,000 times since posting it on Friday,

“In February of 2007, when I was working part-time in the bookstore of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer,” Grissom, of New York City, explained. “I did not have insurance, and I did not have savings. The urologist who diagnosed me sent me to Planned Parenthood, where a female physician mapped out the treatment options for me.”

Grissom said he was treated first by Planned Parenthood physicians, then by an oncologist who treated him “as a family member” upon learning of his lack of insurance or funds.

“I attempted to pay, as well as I could, the fees for the treatment, but the hospital chose to report me to a collection agency, which began legal action,” Grissom shared. “My physician was startled, and suggested that I contact both the billing department and my senator.”

Although Grissom didn’t qualify for Medicaid, he was eligible for financial aid offered by the hospital. As the collection process continued, Grissom followed his doctor’s advice, contacting then-New York Senator Clinton.

“Within two weeks I was speaking to someone in her office, who, at one point, handed the phone to the senator herself,” Grissom wrote, ” ‘You did not enter a credit agreement with that hospital,’ she told me, ‘So I cannot fathom why they are pursuing you as if you did. In addition, that hospital is aided by the state of New York and the federal government, so they are way out of line. You need to fight this cancer and get well: You don’t have time for this nonsense. Let me look into it.’ ”

The presumptive Democratic nominee helped Grissom find financial aid for people undergoing cancer treatment, and got the collection calls to stop. The groups Clinton put Grissom in touch with eliminated half of his debt, and helped him pay the remaining fees in under two years.

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“I just re-read the letter that Hillary Clinton sent to the hospital (It was Roosevelt, if you must know), and in her indignation, she refers to me as her friend. Not a constituent, but a friend,” Grissom revealed. “She prevailed upon the proud history of the hospital and the medical profession to do the right thing, and adjudged the collection activity to have been an ‘unfortunate mistake or oversight.’ ”

Grissom, who is now cancer-free, said that he briefly supported Clinton’s one-time opponent Bernie Sanders, but after some reflection on his experience, said, “you can deal me in.”

He added, “It takes a woman. Or women.”

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