Cancer-Free Michael C. Hall Back to Work on 'Dexter'

"It was amazing to see the support," says his wife – and costar – Jennifer Carpenter

Photo: NPG

After revealing earlier this year that he was battling cancer, Dexter star Michael C. Hall is healthy, whole and back in the role of Showtime’s oddly noble serial killer – and grateful for the support he received from his cast and crew during the tough period.

“I count myself lucky on so many fronts – and certainly in regards to the Hodgkin’s [lymphoma],” a fit-looking Hall, again sporting a full head of hair after his treatments, told PEOPLE this week at San Diego’s Comic-Con International.

“It’s a real gift to be able to go back to work,” says Hall, 39. “One of the best things about it is that it emerged at a time when we were close to the end of shooting. I was able to treat it over the hiatus and it didn’t interrupt our production schedule, which, obviously, would have its effect on me, but it would have its effect on our cast, our crew, people who count on this family to keep making the show.”

“It was amazing to see the support,” concurred Hall’s wife – and Dexter costar – Jennifer Carpenter, “which he would offer back to any one of them at any second – and does. The cast and crew, we spend a remarkable amount of time together. We do know each other’s business, and there’s a lot of love kicking around that set.”

“Everybody was worried about him and then happy that he’s fine,” added Dexter‘s new executive producer, Chip Johannessen, who noted that Hall “sets the tone of the whole set.”

Costar James Remar, who plays a spectral vision of Hall’s father, said that seeing Hall back at work “makes me the happiest man on the planet. I love him. I’m just thrilled and inspired.”

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