The former Nanny star wants to fill Hillary Clinton s Senate seat

Credit: Amanda Schwab/Startraks

Everyone s favorite nanny is looking to take her famous Queens accent to a new home – the U.S. Senate, that is.

Fran Drescher tells PEOPLE she’s offering up her name as a replacement for Senator Hillary Clinton, who has been nominated as Secretary of State. New York Gov. David Paterson must find an interim to fill the remaining two years of Clinton’s term.

“I’m a New Yorker. It’s a part of the fabric of my being,” says Drescher, 51. “It just seems natural to me to throw my hat in the ring.”

The ex-star of The Nanny isn’t a political neophyte. In September, she was appointed a U.S. diplomat for health issues, and in that role recently toured four Eastern European countries.

A uterine cancer survivor, Drescher also has advocated cancer prevention and education through her Cancer Schmancer Movement, (named after her bestselling book).

Public Inquiries

While on the lecture circuit, Drescher says her fans constantly inquired about a future in politics.

“It was one of the single most-asked questions: When are you going to run? Only second to: Is that your real voice?” Drescher says with a laugh.

Others who are rumored to be interested in the Senate post are Caroline Kennedy and Andrew Cuomo.

So why should Drescher be Paterson’s top pick?

“I would hope that he’d take into consideration that I’m a beloved New Yorker who gets the New York constituents probably as good, if not better, than any of the other people being considered,” says Drescher, whose focus would be education and healthcare if tapped to fill the seat.

Besides, Drescher says, “I never tried to lose my accent.”