Camryn Faces Reality

In her new book “Wake Up, I’m Fat,” Camryn Manheim (Emmy-winning co-star of “The Practice”) writes about the time she overdosed on crystal methedrine, a drug she took to lose weight when she was starting out in the acting business. She tells Parade magazine that the turning point in her life was when she accepted the fact that “this is my fat body . . . I’m standing at the corner of ‘Life’ and ‘You Better Get Going’ . . . I stepped off the curb and never looked back.”

  • In other news of Camryn Manheim, the New York Post reports that she and Monica Lewinsky were involved in a barroom brawl in Greenwich Village early Thursday morning when some revelers noticed the two women (who were sipping cosmopolitans and minding their own business). Witnesses said one reveler hovered around their table and made obnoxious comments — which got him sucker-punched by another patron. A bouncer and security guard were called in, though the bouncer reportedly got a bottle broken over his head. By then the two women were gone.
  • Unrelated to the above incident, Monica Lewinsky is scheduled to appear on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.
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