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August 23, 2005 02:25 PM

Michael Vartan isn’t going anywhere if his fans can help it.

Vartan, who plays the character Michael Vaughn on ABC s hit series Alias, is in danger of being written off the show according to rumors, and his fans have stepped in to help save the super spy.

Some of Vartan’s fans are so certain his number is up that they’ve launched The MV Campaign Web site at mvcampaign.com in an effort to rally support for his character and to send a message to ABC and the show s sponsors.

“For the past four years many of us have invested our time, emotions and money in support of Alias. We have been drawn in by the plots, characters and the actors who portray them. Now as we are about to venture into the 5th season, we find out that we may be losing one of the most integral, beloved, and interesting characters on the show,” says a statement on the site.

The supporters, who call themselves “The Vartan Hos,” claim that Vartan may have already filmed his last scenes on Aug. 17, according to the New York Post. ABC hasn’t issued any statements about the status of Vartan’s character, but there’s some speculation that since Vartan and Alias star Jennifer Garner dated briefly that she wants him off the show now that she s pregnant and married to Ben Affleck.

ABC announced last month that Garner’s real-life pregnancy will be written into Alias‘s storyline – and Vaughn will be the baby’s father.

According to the campaign’s site, removing Vartan’s character would be a sign of disrespect to the show and his fans. “After four years, we feel the show, the viewers and Mr. Vartan deserve far more,” the site reads.

The campaign is trying to raise money to place an ad in a trade publication such as Variety or the Hollywood Reporter expressing support for Vartan, and is encouraging fans to write letters protesting his potential demise on the show.

According to the Post, ABC has been inundated with letters, e-mails and calls from the campaign, but a representative for the network had no comment about Vartan’s status. “We don’t comment on plots,” the rep said.

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