Campaign Star Wars Blast Off

Stars wars in the upcoming Presidential election are heating up. While “NYPD Blue” star Rick Schroder spoke at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia this week, Democrats reportedly fired off faxes comparing the actor to nominee George W. Bush — pointing out that he starred in the miniseries “Texas” which received terrible reviews. But the biggest force the Dems may have going for them comes from a very unexpected camp: the family of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Their son, Ron Reagan Jr., 42, is quoted in Friday’s Washington Post as saying that George Bush’s son — George W. — is “simply unqualified for the job.” (The senior Bush was the senior Reagan’s Vice President.) “He’s probably the least qualified person ever to be nominated by a major party,” said Reagan Jr., who said he plans to vote for Al Gore. Before becoming governor of Texas, he added, Bush “ran a baseball team and lost a lot of other people’s money in the oil business.” No comment so far from the Bush camp.

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