The actress explains the famous pic of her feeding a piece to her boyfriend at the Super Bowl
Credit: FOX/INF

Four months later, Cameron Diaz is still having to explain her popcorn love for Alex Rodriguez.

The actress, famously photographed feeding popcorn to her New York Yankee boyfriend at the Super Bowl in February, said Tuesday that the cameras just happened to get lucky.

“We were watching the game, and I was eating, and I was getting down to, like, the last couple pieces of popcorn,” Diaz, 38, told David Letterman on CBS’s The Late Show. “And all of a sudden, I see a hand coming in. And I’m like, anybody who knows me does not put their hand in my food, especially when it’s close to my mouth.”

She continued: “And I said, ‘What are you it’s mine!’ And then I went, ‘You know what? I love you too much. I’m going to give it to you. You deserve it.’ And it was the only piece of popcorn that I even put near his face, and they happened to have the camera on right when I did it.”

Ten minutes later, she and Rodriguez, 35, saw their BlackBerries “blowing up” with people alerting them that the photo was already making the rounds online.

“We started laughing so hard,” she told Letterman. “Like, ‘Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?’ ”