The actress is tight-lipped about her reported romance with A-Rod, but says her taste in men has matured


While Cameron Diaz remains mum about her relationship with slugger Alex Rodriguez, the Knight and Day star does proclaim herself a New York Yankees fan nowadays, despite growing up with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Diaz, appearing on the cover of the August Harper’s Bazaar, plays it coy about her current love life, though she is upfront about dating bad boys – and how they’re an ultimate strikeout.

“Who doesn’t like the bad boy, until you grow up and realize bad boys are not the way to go?” she says. “I’m done with that.”

Not that she was outing ex Justin Timberlake as a bad boy. In fact, Diaz says she and Timberlake – with whom she’ll appear in the upcoming movie Bad Teacher – “have laughed together for years. He is the funniest guy; you’ve seen the stuff he does on SNL.”

Diaz, 37, may appreciate Timberlake’s sense of humor, but when it comes to all-around sexiness, who’s her idol? Oscar winner Helen Mirren.

“That woman is drop-dead sexy,” Diaz says of the 64-year-old beauty, who appears in the new, brothel-themed film Love Ranch. “She’s not trying to turn back the hands of time, she is just taking care of herself. And, “she’s a nudist!”