The young actors in My Sister's Keeper benefited from her kitchen prowess
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She surfs. She acts. And Cameron Diaz makes a really mean chili cheese fry.

In her latest movie, My Sister s Keeper, Diaz plays onscreen mom to Little Miss Sunshine Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin, CSI: Miami‘s Evan Ellingson and Medium‘s Sofia Vassilieva. During production, the role continued off screen, too, when Diaz cooked lunch for them in her trailer.

“I made them guacamole and chili cheese fries and fajitas,” Diaz, 36, told PEOPLE at Wednesday night’s premiere of the film, based on novelist Jodi Picoult’s bestseller about a young girl who sues her parents.

Does she consider herself a budding Iron Chef? “You’ll have to ask them!” said Diaz, referring to her young costars.

“She’s an incredible cook,” came the praise from Vassilieva, 16. “Everything was very organic. Very healthy. She’s totally cool to hang out with. She’s so nurturing and took care of us.”

Diaz also loved being a big kid. “I brought my paintball gun on set and she wanted to use it,” says Ellingson, 20. “They were getting ready to call her on set and there she was outside shooting my paintball gun. She really liked to shoot it!”

Playing Diaz’s husband had its advantages, says Jason Patric, 43 – even though, as he joked, he didn’t receive any of the perks that went to her onscreen kids. “I never got a neck massage,” he carps. “I didn’t get anything from her, actually. Apparently only the children got cooked for. But it’s all right.”
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