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"Say hi to him," she tells crowd before dad's cameo in There's Something About Mary

October 02, 2008 03:25 PM

Cameron Diaz paid tribute to her late father, Emilio, at a special screening of her star-making turn in There’s Something About Mary, pointing out a cameo by her dad in the 1998 film.

“My daddy’s in this movie for two seconds,” Diaz, 36, told the audience while introducing the film at the Target Presents AFI Night at the Movies event at Hollywood’s ArcLight Cinemas.

“My father just passed away recently,” she explained, recalling Emilio Diaz’s death from pneumonia in April. “He’s the dude when Ben Stiller is leaving the jail and all the guys run afterwards – my dad has the long black-silver hair down to here who’s hamming it up in the front.”

Diaz then playfully imitated her father’s exuberant performance with a zesty “Yeeeeaaah!” that prompted applause from the crowd. “That’s my dad, so would you all just say hi to him, because it’s one of the few moments that we have of him immortalized on film.”

Diaz, who giggled through the first several minutes of the film, left the theater before her father’s on-screen appearance, but sharp-eyed audience members were buzzing when they spotted the elder Diaz’s high-spirited cameo.

The actress, who came casually chic in tight jeans, bright red high heels and crimson lipstick, was one of several big-screen superstars on hand to introduce one of their most enduring films. Sir Sean Connery, Keanu Reeves, Dustin Hoffman, Jodie Foster, Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, Annette Bening Mike Myers, Shirley MacLaine, Mike Myers, Denzel Washington and Rita Moreno also appeared in adjacent theaters, presenting screenings of some of their classic roles.

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