Cameron Diaz: No Kids for Now

The Holiday actress says she's not ready for the commitment of a family

Cameron Diaz has been dating Justin Timberlake for three years, but don’t expect her to settle down and have a family anytime soon.

“I think everybody wants at some point to have that responsibility and involvement. But not at the moment,” Diaz, 34, told reporters Sunday while promoting her new movie The Holiday in Los Angeles.

Asked if she was worried about the commitment, she said, “Yeah, exactly, the commitment! I don’t even want a dog. I don’t. My cat just died, and I don’t want a cat.”

Diaz said it’s even hard for her to promise her time for a film role: “I hate committing myself to anything. So I’m really bad at saying yeah, I’m gonna be there in three months. (It’s) probably the lack of discipline, honestly.” She added with a laugh: “I’m probably a spoiled brat worried about getting my way every time.”

But judging by her plans for Christmas, Diaz can’t be too spoiled: She says she doesn’t want any gifts (“Most of us are way past the point of needing anything else in our lives materialistically”) and that she’s sponsoring a family this holiday season.

“You want to give me something for Christmas,” she’s telling her friends, “give me money for this.”

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