June 08, 2004 04:00 PM

With Cameron Diaz, Frankie Muniz, Jay-Z and comic book legend Stan Lee onboard, MTV’s new development slate is so star-heavy, one wonders if there will be any time left for music.

Not that it’s mattered much on MTV these days: Celeb-driven reality shows rule the cable network, and a handful of new shows have been announced this week.

Besides the environmental-education series Trippin’, in which Diaz will send guest stars such as Drew Barrymore to exotic locations, Malcolm in the Middle’s Muniz will star on Granted, which will deal with wish-fulfillment and Lee’s Zombie Chronicles will aim to, uh, live up to its title.

Punk’d host Ashton Kutcher’s That ’70s Show costar Wilmer Valderrama will host Show and Go, which MTV describes as a reality drama/competition series that takes the glamour and excitement of street racing into a safe and legal environment while maintaining the integrity of the lifestyle.

MTV also is making room for some music. Jay-Z has signed on for Ultimate Mash-Ups, which will unite musicians from different genres for live performances of hybrid sound experiments. (Jay-Z himself has been the target of many a mash-up, as his Black Album was recently mixed together with the Beatles’ White Album.)

Other names in MTV’s lineup include Rob Zombie (a horror-themed show), B2K alum Omarion (giving the background on music-video dedications), disgraced publicist Lizzie Grubman (Power Girls, about press agents) and former P. Diddy valet Farnsworth Bentley (Borrow My Crew, about a glam squad that helps the unfortunately dressed).

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