Her rep says she played no role in the breakup of the magician's 5-year marriage

By Stephen M. Silverman
July 02, 2007 03:45 PM

Cameron Diaz denies having played any role in breaking up the marriage of Mindfreak star Criss Angel and his estranged wife.

“When Cameron met Criss Angel in May of this year, he had been separated from his wife for over a year and she had already filed a petition to divorce him in 2006,” Diaz’s rep, Brad Cafarelli, tells PEOPLE in a statement. “Cameron and Criss went on only four dates over a month ago and have no current relationship,” he said.

As was reported by the New York Post, Joanne Sarantakos, 37, of Long Island, N.Y., is accusing Angel, her husband of five years, of mental cruelty and abandonment – as well as having had an affair with Diaz.

“We’re naming Cameron Diaz as his lover,” her lawyer, Dominic Barbara, reportedly told the Nassau County court, where Angel (real name: Christopher Sarantankos), 39, and his ex faced off on Friday. “We will subpoena her as soon as she comes back to New York.”

In his statement, Cafarelli added, “These are meaningless, attention-seeking attempts to unfairly and unnecessarily exploit Cameron’s celebrity by trying to involve her in matters she has nothing to do with.”

Back in May, Diaz, 34, and Angel were repeatedly seen together in Las Vegas.

With reporting by BRENDA RODRIGUEZ