WATCH: Calvin Harris Flaunts Abs, Compares Himself to a Plant in Strange (But Sexy!) Snapchat

The world famous DJ celebrated his three VMA noms with an unusual Snapchat session

Photo: Source: Calvin Harris/Snapchat

Calvin Harris recommends getting 15 minutes of sun a day because we’re all plants?

The DJ took to Snapchat to celebrate his three VMA nominations for “This Is What You Came For” and “How Deep Is Your Love” before giving fans a look at his toned body.

“I’m just out here getting exactly 15 minutes of sun, it’s all you need,” Harris, 32, says in a video uploaded to his story. He then lifts his phone up and shows off his abs as he’s telling fans to “use the sun’s energy” and “become a better person with the sun on your side.”

Sure, that seems like good advice. And with Harris looking as good, it might not be a bad one to take!

But then it gets a little weird.

“You really gotta think of yourself as a plant,” the Scottish musician says in his thick accent before explaining that the sun waters your plant. “You’re a plant!”

Wait, what?

“And on the subject of you being a f—-ng plant, imagine you feed your plant with hundreds of Jack Daniels or vodka, what happens to the plant?” Harris says.

Sure, we get the metaphor – Harris has been public about his own sober lifestyle before. But then he seems to contradict himself when he tells people that “a bit of tequila, a bit of vodka for your plant is fine, though.”

Now this is just confusing.

The hit-maker has been under a lot of scrutiny in the past few weeks ever since news broke that his 15-month-long relationship with Taylor Swift had ended. She has then gone on to date Tom Hiddleston and reveal that she actually cowrote the hit “This Is What You Came For,” with Harris.

But the DJ could’ve also been taking to Snapchat in a joking mood after Swift didn’t receive any nominations this year. The possibilities are endless.

One thing’s for sure, though: Calvin Harris really wants you to take care of your plant.

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