By Cathy Free
Updated November 17, 2015 06:40 PM
Courtesy Nicholas Dunne Photography

At seven months pregnant, Christina Litle decided she wasn’t up to lounging around for two months and taking life slow while waiting for her third child to be born. So the Napa Valley, California, wedding photographer and dance teacher decided to kick things up a notch. Several notches, in fact.

On Oct. 8, Litle, 28, had a friend record her practicing a hip-hop routine with her dance class, then posted the video on Facebook for friends and family to see. Since then, the clip of her dancing during her third trimester has been viewed more than six million times on Facebook and YouTube, prompting several people to write to Litle, wondering if she is giving her unborn child whiplash.

“Although only a few responses have been negative, it bothers me,” Litle tells PEOPLE, “because there’s this stigma about women being active during pregnancy. A lot of people think you have to be sedentary, but the truth is, when you’re building a human life, you’re exponentially stronger than you ever imagined. This is my third pregnancy. I know what my body can handle.”

Unless a woman is told by her doctor that she has an “at risk” pregnancy, she says, “there’s really no reason not to get out there and boogie. You’re not going to cause shaken baby syndrome by hip-hop dancing.”

Married eight years to Jordan Litle, a sheriff’s deputy, Litle also hip-hopped during her other two pregnancies with Lailah, now 5, and Lynlee, 3.

“We’re having a boy this time,” Jordan tells PEOPLE, “and he’ll probably come out knowing some good dance moves, just like his sisters do. Christina loves to dance with the girls. I’m a terrible dancer, but it’s fun to put on music and watch them tear it up around the house.”

Christina, who has danced since age 5 and choreographed routines for 11 years at Napa High School, says she is stunned but honored by her newfound fame.

“The other day I was in Home Depot,” she says, “and this man in his ’70s came up and asked, ‘Aren’t you the pregnant dancing mom?’ ” She pauses and laughs. “There are worse things out there to be known for, I guess.”