Scott Burnett turned his 2-year-old son's goodbye to his treasured pacifier into an unlikely celebration

By Tiare Dunlap
Updated March 29, 2016 09:20 AM

Saying goodbye to something you love is never easy, but one dad found a way to make it fun for his toddler.

Scott Burnett turned his 2-year-old son’s goodbye to his treasured pacifier into an unlikely celebration with a little help from some balloons.

First, the Corona, California, dad prepared his son Blake for the farewell by letting him know he would need to give up his pacifier when he became a “big boy” at age two. Then, after one last nap with the pacifier, Burnett took Blake to the store to buy some balloons.

The father and son then went home where they tied the balloons to the pacifier and were then joined outside by the whole family who cheered Blake on as he said goodbye to his precious “binky.” Blake enjoyed one last minute with the pacifier before taking a long, hard look at it and letting it float up to the sky.

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“Bye bye, binky,” Blake said before letting go. Then the whole family watched as the balloons drifted out of sight.

“Our toddler loses his pacifier for good. It took us ONE day, a little planning, some creative conversation and it worked like a charm,” Burnett captioned his video on YouTube.