The actor confirms son Redmond is the "primary beneficiary," but doesn't say what – if anything – she leaves him

Credit: Jim Smeal/WireImage

A love story until the very end, Ryan O’Neal stayed with Farrah Fawcett until her death from cancer. So how, then, does he react to reports that the actress left most of her estate to their son Redmond – and nothing to him?

“Farrah’s and my relationship was based on a deep love and respect for one another and for our son Redmond,” O’Neal says in a statement. “After discussing how her financial affairs would be handled in the event of her passing we agreed that our son Redmond would be the primary beneficiary of her estate. These were Farrah’s wishes and I am perfectly happy with them.”

He doesn’t say what – if anything – Fawcett left for him, though O’Neal has noted in the past that he’s financially well-off due to smart real estate investments over the years. He insists that what’s important isn’t money anyway:

“I sincerely hope that everyone will remember and celebrate the legacy that Farrah left behind, and will now let her rest in peace.

Reporting by CHAMP CLARK